The Toes are Windows to the Soul!!
By reading your toes, the story will unfold……Are you walking your destined path?

Toe Reading Services

Everything that happens in our lives is recorded through a holographic picture into our feet. Major traumas, personality features, destiny factors, and dramas are all revealed in the shape of our toes, the color of the toes, and the direction of our toes. It is based on a philosophy that states that the energy stored in our toes can tell the tale of our personal history. When acknowledged it will assist the person to walk in the path of their highest purpose.

We all believe that we go through life keeping of deepest secrets, putting on a façade. Our toes carry those secrets. It is the last place that energy leaves the body. Toes keep us balanced and they deserve our love and special care. Come and learn the secrets of your toes.


Individual sessions are offered as well as group sessions.


  • 30 min individual: $40
  • 55 min individual: $60
  • 120 min group: $110 (this will give 10 people a 10 minute reading each)
  • Additional time will be based on the rate of $60.00 per hour